Artificial Intelligence - The Future Could Be Awesome

Artificial Intelligence - The Future Could Be Awesome

Artificial intelligence, also known as machine intelligence, is artificial intelligence exhibited by computers, unlike humans and other animals. The most common examples are computer chess, robotic arms, and even self-driving cars. Artificial intelligent systems have become popular in science fiction movies and television programs and are a common subject in academic studies on the subject of artificial intelligence.


There are two main theories about artificial intelligence. The first theory is the more traditional definition, which states that "intelligent" is defined as being able to solve a problem or act in a manner that is not necessarily random. This is called "genetic algorithm." The second theory, called the "cultural Turing Test," is a little more formal.


The cultural Turing test is based on the idea that if a machine can think or talk like humans, it will be able to converse naturally with people. In essence, humans will need to make a mental association between the machine's linguistic output and the mental representations they hold of themselves in order for the machine to pass the cultural Turing test.


Another major issue concerning artificial intelligence is, how it can affect society. Some worry that because artificial intelligent software can perform tasks that are not humanly possible, it will eventually take over the job market. Many worry that computers will replace humans in industries such as healthcare, accounting, law, medicine, engineering, transportation, education and the like. Some fear that computers will completely replace human beings in every area of life, since they will be able to do more things than humans can. But others argue that these fears are unfounded.


The key to this debate is whether or not there are any ethical implications associated with artificial intelligence. The general consensus seems to be no, but that's not to say that it will never affect society at large. It's still very early days yet, so we'll have to wait and see how artificial intelligence affects us as individuals, our workplace, and our society as a whole.


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